Reverse2 Meal Replacement for Type 2 Diabetes

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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders. Reverse2 is a specialized meal replacement based on a modified Ketogenic diet. Reverse2 is backed by science and designed to help people who are Type 2 Diabetic or Prediabetic lower blood sugar, lose weight, induce ketosis, and reverse a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. 1 bottle = 28 meals or 7 day's worth of complete meal replacements.

FLAVOR: Dutch Chocolate Cream. For around $12 per day you receive 4 complete meal replacements per day (that's $3 per meal with no need to spend other money on food). See photos for nutrition info and ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil (including MCT oils), non-GMO Vegan pea protein, Acacia prebiotic fiber, Dutch coco, Organic vanilla pods and leaves, Bitter Melon Fruit extract, Berberine, Guar gum, sucralose, Vitamin and mineral blend. 

When you buy Reverse2, you'll become part of the Reverse2 family of people dedicated to fighting Type 2 Diabetes. We will send you printed and emailed instructions on incorporating the Reverse2 plan into your lifestyle. We'll also email you new research, helpful tips, snack ideas, success stories, and encouragement once per week.

While we hope you'll try Reverse2, it is more important to us to help as many diabetics as possible reduce their dependance on medication and live longer, healthier, happier lives by understanding they can make a huge difference in their lives by making just a few changes.

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If you have any questions about Reverse2 or how other Type 2 Diabetics are reversing their diagnosis with a highly modified Keto diet, please feel free to contact us anytime.