Reverse 2 Nutritional Information

Reverse2 was painstakingly created by and tested by Type 2 Diabetics for Type 2 Diabetics with the goal of reversing your diagnosis within a few months and is backed by scientific data. Read the plan page for a background on why we formulated Reverse2 specifically for Type 2 Diabetics, people with Prediabetes or anyone who wants to lose some weight. Make sure to also check our research pages for up-to-date information on reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes.

Reverse2 has no sugar, zero net carbs, and a moderate amount of protein - plus a full day's worth of prebiotic fiber and the proper amount of healthy fats.

Reverse2 replaces all of your meals and is nutritionally complete (no need to eat anything else). You get 28 vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals you need including additional supplements that may help lower blood glucose levels like Berberine (125 mg per serving), Bitter Melon Fruit (200 mg per serving), and Chromium (20 mcg per serving).

We recommend consuming 4 servings per day. Please see the nutritional label below for more information:

List of Reverse2 ingredients:
Coconut oil (including MCT oils), non-GMO Vegan pea protein, Acacia prebiotic fiber, Dutch coco, Organic vanilla pods and leaves, Bitter Melon Fruit extract, Berberine, Guar gum, sucralose, Vitamin and mineral blend.

Consult your physician:
As with any supplement, we recommend consulting with your doctor about Reverse2 and showing your doctor our research pages to learn more about the latest opinions from other physicians on the latest data.