Relentlessly Devoted to Reversing and Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

The mission to reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Reverse2 was painstakingly created by and tested by Type 2 Diabetics for Type 2 Diabetics with the goal of reversing your diagnosis within a few months.

We're a small group of dedicated people with Type 2 Diabetes who became frustrated when we noticed that following the recommended nutritional guidelines from groups like the American Diabetes Association or the American Heart Association didn't actually help lower our blood sugar levels or A1C test results.

We embarked on a journey lasting more than 9 months of relentlessly researching the latest science, reading advice from cutting edge researchers, and finally performing multiple trial-and-error experiments on ourselves based on new dietary suggestions from physicians and scientific studies.

We discovered that Insulin Resistance is likely the root cause of most Type 2 Diabetics' conditions. This topic isn't discussed often between patients, doctors and nutritionists.

Can Type 2 Diabetes be reversed?

In order to reduce or eliminate the problems caused by Insulin Resistance over time, the only solution for people like us seems to be that we need to completely eliminate the intake of all sugars, almost or totally eliminate all other carbs (even whole grains or brown rice), and even limit our intake of protein. Who knew that excess consumed protein gets converted into glucose inside the body just like carbs do? We didn't either!

We won't relist everything here, but you can read more about the solution that worked for us and all of the info we've gathered on the plan page plus see our research and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections.

In a nutshell, Reverse2 is a program that includes 4 complete meal-replacement shakes per day, lifestyle changes, and a moderate exercise program. The Reverse2 shake is a nutritionally complete food based on a no sugar, extremely low carb, and low protein modified Ketogenic diet that contains all the healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs plus other supplements shown to lower blood sugar.

We're here to help!

Even if Reverse2 doesn't appeal to you or seem like a good fit for you right now, we want to help. Read the plan page plus our research and FAQ page where you can quickly learn everything that we did over 9 months of study.

Do you have a question not answered on our FAQ page about Type 2 Diabetes? Send us a question through our contact page and we'll research the topic for you then send you links to data, research and options that you can go over together with your doctor to help discover what may be the best solution specifically for you and your condition.

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